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Handcrafted Shepherds Crook Maker in the UK

About Iain Hamilton

Iain lives with his wife in West Lothian, although he originally comes from the west of Scotland, and spent many of his younger years on the Island of Arran.

It was here, that he developed a deep love for the countryside and its wildlife, which has remained with him through the years.

He is a keen hill walker and salmon fisher, and spends as much time as he can fishing. It was this background that led him to handcrafting sticks, which were mainly used as wading staffs, tried and tested on the River Spey.

Iain began producing a variety of sticks, crooks and staffs, purely as a hobby, but was soon producing them for friends and family, and it wasn't long before he found most of his time was taken up with this pastime. He was eventually persuaded that his sticks, crooks and staffs were of such a high quality that they were good enough to support a successful business venture.

Iain has been producing these handcrafted sticks for some years now, and has many satisfied customers throughout the British Isles, Canada, America and Africa. Read Iain's Testimonials here.

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